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Utvald bild Star Wars X-Wing

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game: Y-Wing Expansion Pack

Known across the galaxy as a rugged and durable starfighter, the Y-Wing boasts superior armament, armor, shielding, and can also be upgraded with an incapacitating ion cannon to disable enemy ships. the Y-Wing Expansion Pack for the X-Wing Miniatures Games inlcudes one pre-painted, highly detailed Y-Wing miniature (plus its necessary dial and tokens), as well as Ship cards for crack shot Horton Salm and three additional skilled pilots capable of supporting any Rebel Squadron.

Utvald bild Star Wars X-Wing

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game


It’s a period of civil war. Against all odds, the Rebel Alliance defies the tyranny of the evil Galatic Empire. Though the Imperial navy vastly outnumbers the Rebel fleet, the Alliance holds out hope that the actions of a few brave pilots can change the fate of the galaxy…

X-Wing is a fast-paced game of tacitcal space combat in the Star Wars universe. Players controls starfighters from either the Rebel Alliance of the Galactic Empite, outfit them with a variety of pilots, special weapons and upgrades, and attempts to outmaneuver their opponents.

This box contains everything two players need to get started playing X-Wing, including painted plastic ships, custom dice, cards, tokens, and quick-start rules. advanced missions are also included to let players take their game to the next level.

Man your ships! And may the Force be with you!

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