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Det har förmodligen inte undgått någon att många verksamheter i Sverige har det riktigt, riktigt tufft just nu, och detta gäller även landets alla boklådor och spelbutiker. För att vi ska ha någon oas kvar när allt detta har lagt sig, så kan det vara tid att antingen besöka din fysiska butik och köpa en bok eller spel, eller om du av olika anledningar inte kan, beställ via nätet.

The Courtship of Princess Leia

George Lucas brought us the blockbuster Star Wars® film trilogy. Then some of science fiction’s best writers® expanded the adventure in their bestselling Star Wars novels. Now the tradition continues with the culmination of a love story that spans a war-torn galaxy….
Though Darth Vader and the Emperor are dead, the Empire lives on and a weakened Alliance must find powerful new help if it is to survive. The answer could lie in the Hapes consortium, a cluster of sixty-three high-tech worlds. There is only one catch: Princess Leia must marry the Queen Mother’s son, the dashing and wealthy Prince Isolder.
Han Solo reacts badly to the news. Tricking Leia, he flees with her to the beautiful but untamed planet of Dathomir, where he hopes to change her mind – and win her heart. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker and Artoo form an unlikely partnership with the jilted prince to track down the runaways. But their mission is only the beginning of an adventure that will lead to the discovery of an awesome treasure, a group of Force-trained ”witches,” and a showdown with an invincible foe.

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